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Car Bumper Repair Done With Perfection in Bayswater

At Pro Paint WA we offer car bumper repair, we offer is fully competent of providing drivers with best bumper repairs. Damaged bumper bars are typically only cosmetic in nature and won’t impair a vehicle’s performance or safety, but that doesn’t make them any less necessary to fix. Damaged bumper bars from accidents and other incidents can impair how your car looks overall and significantly reduce its value.

The bumpers available now combine minimal weight with shock absorption. While certain modified and vintage cars may have steel bumpers, most modern car bumpers are made primarily of plastic and supported by an inner steel or aluminium bar. This component mounts to a metal frame that is fastened to the outside of the car via hooks.

Besides bumper repairing we are also considered as number one in providing the latest bumper painting, dent & scratch repair and panel beating service in Bayswater.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Bumper?

Our qualified team members will examine your bumper when you bring your car to one of our repair facilities or pickup and drop-off locations to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Although more expensive, bumper repair may take longer to complete. Replacement of the bumper is quicker but more expensive. The price of replacing or repairing a bumper depends on a variety of variables. Your bumper must be repaired in line with manufacturer and government requirements to ensure your safety because it is designed to absorb the majority of the damage in a collision.

Why Choose Us for Bumper Repairing of Your Car?

There are many reasons why Pro Paint is an excellent choice for mobile bumper repair services. Some of these reasons include:

  • We take pride in our craftsmanship and customer service.
  • We’ve built a reputation for dependability and responsiveness.
  • Use cutting-edge tools, equipment, and techniques
  • Collaborate with clients to understand and meet their needs
  • Give our customers the respect they deserve
  • We maintain transparent pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Every day, we strive for perfection in order to provide our customers with complete satisfaction.

Whenever you need a bumper repair or paint service in Bayswater & surroundings just give a call to our expert team. We are committed to serve you the best in the minimal budget.

car bumper repair


Only scratches or other surface damage to a bumper may respond to repair efforts. Old-fashioned steel bumpers can often be hammered or pulled out by auto body shop technicians.
Bumpers do not actually serve to protect occupants as their primary purpose, despite the fact that they can lessen the overall impact forces transmitted by a collision impact. Instead, the car's frame crumples in key areas to keep you and your passengers safe.
A damaged bumper will not protect your car as well as it should.

No automotive repair or panel beating job is too big or too small for our consideration so call us now on 08-9371-9500 for free quote.



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