Windscreen & Glass Repair

Car Windscreen Repair & Replacement Service in Bayswater

Pro Paint WA brings the best windscreen and glass replacement service in Bayswater WA. No matter the brand or model of your car, we can locate and deliver the ideal windscreen repair. We advise utilizing genuine windscreens with genuine adhesives by our skilled craftsmen.

We advise moving quickly if you’ve just noticed a cracked windshield or another glass panel on your car. If these windscreen chips or cracks are not attended to, they could spread quickly. This puts the driver and passengers in your car in danger.

We will reset or re-calibrate any Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)windscreens in your car, which have sensors and cameras, to make sure all the safety features are operational.

Contact us at Pro Paint WA. Our specialized team will reset or re-calibrate any Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) windscreens in your car, which have sensors and cameras, to make sure all the safety features are operational.

Why you should get your Windshield & Glass Repaired by an expert?

  • Knowledge and Experience

With their vast experience, qualified car glass specialists can replace your windshield swiftly and effectively. They also know how to install your new windshield correctly so that it complies with all safety requirements. When you take your automobile to a windshield repair facility, you won’t have to worry about a subpar work or expensive mistakes.

  • The Proper Instruments and Hardware

The proper equipment and tools are available from auto glass repair services, and they are skilled in their application. Specialized suction cups, blades, and adhesives are all part of this equipment, all of which are required for a secure installation.

  • Proper Old Windshield replacement

To avoid harming the local environment, the old windshield must be properly disposed of when it is replaced. However, properly disposing of a windshield is not simple, so you should leave it to the pros that specialize in windshield repair and replacement. They’ll be aware of how to handle it.

  • Warranties on Auto Glass

Professional windshield replacement companies typically offer warranties on their work. This means that they will replace your damaged auto glass free of charge if there are any issues with the new windshield within a set period of time. You can feel at ease knowing that the technicians are competent in their field.

windscreen replacement


Place a quarter on the dents and chips in your windshield. Any chip larger than the size of a coin may be repairable.
When talking about auto glass, the term "original equipment manufacturer" (OEM) is a term to describe the supplier of your original windshield glass. An Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) windshield, on the other hand, meets the original car glass standards but it is manufactured by a different auto glass company.
A windshield replacement is usually done in 45–60 minutes, as opposed to the typical windshield repair's mere 15–30 minutes.
Depending entirely on the kind of insurance coverage you have, your insurance provider may or may not pay the repair and windshield replacement charges.
The price varies depending on the type of vehicle, when it was made, when you purchased it, and of course the degree of damage.

No automotive repair or panel beating job is too big or too small for our consideration so call us now on 08-9371-9500 for free quote.



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